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Gaidar Magdanurov

Gaidar is the President at Acronis, overseeing technical and business education for partners and employees, strategic initiatives for developing the business of Acronis partners, and global partner communication and marketing organization.
Gaidar has been with Acronis since 2013, serving in various roles: Business Manager / Chief of Staff to the CEO, General Manager of Consumer Division, Vice President of Online Sales, Chief Marketing Officer, Chief Strategy Officer and Chief Success Officer. For more than six years, Gaidar has primarily focused on helping service providers build and grow their business with Acronis.
Before joining Acronis, Gaidar was an Investment Director at a venture capital firm, Runa Capital, and held various roles at Microsoft, primarily responsible for developing technology startups, web development and service providers.
Before his corporate career, Gaidar was a scientist specialising in Raman spectroscopy and quantum chemical calculations and a software engineer, leading various projects focused on data storage, management and analysis.
During his university years, Gaidar worked as a part-time managed service provider, serving the needs of small business customers.

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