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November 15

9:40 am
Bringing OpenSource Firmware at scale

We will cover during this session the benefit to run Open Source Firmware for Cloud Service Providers, how HPE embraced this promising approach to firmware without reducing security and providing ways to break vendor lock-in. We will mainly focus our presentation around OpenBMC enablement, with real life examples and potential ways to ease system management at scale by running linux on BMCs.

Jean-Marie Verdun

Distinguished Technologist

10:25 am
Advanced MSP Cyber Protection Deployments: MSPs Serving Multi-Location and Franchise Enterprises

In this dynamic and interactive Masterclass you will create one of the following:

What is the best way to break into the enterprise services market? Easy: solve a difficult problem they may not even know that they have. Multi-national, multi-location, and franchise organizations have complex compliance and networking requirements. Cyber protection solutions can be your window to win—find out how.

#Marketing #CustomerAcquisition #ARPU #BusinessPlan

MSP GLOBAL 2023 kieron moore Acronis
Kieron Moore

European Enterprise Sales Manager – Cloud

11:40 am
How to Transform Your MSP’s Website into Another Member of Your Sales Team

MSP website whisperer Mark Copeman, who has reviewed 400+ MSP websites in the last two years, will show you how to transform your site to start more conversations with prospects— and he’ll reveal the five biggest mistakes that MSPs make with their websites. Expect to take home a notebook full of tactics to make a difference to how your site performs immediately. Mark will also perform live website teardowns—without the aid of a safety harness! Submit your URL when you enter the room, and Mark will review as many as he can, to benefit EVERYONE in attendance.

#BusinessDevelopment #Marketing #CustomerAcquisition #NewTools

Mark Copeman


Wingman MSP Marketing

2:20 pm
How to Optimise an Efficient Service Delivery Unit

Once you’ve won those deals and onboarded your new customers, you need to keep them, and one way to do that is by delivering exceptional services. This lightning talk and masterclass will give you actionable insights to fine-tune your service delivery, streamline operational costs, and keep customers smiling. During the Masterclass we will be lifting the bonnet on your service delivery unit to assess the current state of your service, determine appropriate actions to improve your MSP services, and identify the quick wins and key priorities to help you reach your goals. You’ll leave the session with the process and actions to create your own roadmap to operational excellence.

#BusinessDevelopment #Marketing #CustomerAcquisition #NewTools

Michelle Coombs


The Tech Leader Network

3:10 pm
Accelerate Customer Adoption of Your Managed Services

In this dynamic and interactive Masterclass you will create one of the following:

1. A Compelling MSP Value Proposition for one of your MSP Services, or
2. Differentiate your MSP Service by articulating what makes you different and better, or
3. Develop an MSP Sales Toolkit to help your salespeople to win more business by “showing them the evidence.”

Takeaways: Participants will leave the session inspired and energized by actionable insights and practical deliverables that they have completed during the Masterclass.

#Marketing #CustomerAcquisition #ARPU #BusinessPlan

David Ednie

President and CEO
SalesChannel International

4:00 pm
MSP Sales: Breaking Out of the Sales Plateau

Growing a successful MSP business is not easy. Most MSPs say that the hardest part is sales. Join the session to learn about the best practices of growing MSP business.

Acronis President — Gaidar Magdanurov — has worked with MSPs for over a decade. Now he leads the team that helps MSPs to grow their business. In this hands-on workshop, he will share recommendations that work for MSPs successfully growing their business.

#BusinessDevelopment #Marketing #CustomerAcquisition #NewTools

MSP GLOBAL 2023 Gaidar  Magdanurov acronis

Gaidar Magdanurov



MSP GLOBAL 2023 Jon McCarrick Acronis
Jon McCarrick

Global Head of Evangelismn


MSP GLOBAL 2023 Markus Bauer Acronis
Markus Bauer

Technology Evangelist EMEA


Acronis Academy Training – English/German
Nov 16, 2:30 pm

MSP Global – Skill-Building Workshop: Security and EDR Certification

This exclusive in-person training will cover the course “Acronis Cloud Tech Associate — Advanced Security with EDR”, and provide you with the opportunity to become an officially certified Acronis partner for operating and delivering superior managed services. And it will be conducted in both German and English!

November 16

Nov 16, 10:45 am

Redefining Success: Blending Fresh Perspectives with Modern Technology

The MSP landscape is intensifying with an ever-growing number of companies stepping into the realm of managed IT services. Delve deep with us in this engaging masterclass, using Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) as a lens. Let’s jointly uncover these topics:

· Strategies to stand out in a bustling market
· Meeting stringent compliance requirements in data protection, security, and privacy
· Amplifying value-added services with hybrid architectures
· Tailoring existing services to meet the dynamic customer demands from edge to cloud

Your main takeaways? Set your business on an upward trajectory and use the power of melding innovative thinking with cutting-edge technology. Empower your customers to easily surpass current limitations by fostering this synergy. See how you will gain a competitive advantage and increase ARPU as soon as you’re adding avantgarde services apt for the digital age to your current portfolio.

Patricia Hillebrand 1024x1024
Patricia Hillebrand

International Channel Manager

RNT Rausch

MSP GLOBAL 2023 Maximilian Schuck Cloudian
Maximilian Schuck

Sales Manager for Managed Service Provider


Nov 16, 11:30 am

MSPs on the Block: Preparing to Acquire or Be Acquired

If you are interested in acquiring an MSP to build your busienss — or if you are interested in your business being acquired — there are some universal things you can do to maximize your return. This includes consolidating your tech stack, making sure billing is in order, automating to increase value, and more. Acronis has assembed a global panel of experts to tell you how.

MSP23 Hillary Stiff Cheval MA Acronis
Hillary Stiff


Cheval Capital

MSP GLOBAL 2023 Frank Stiff Acronis
Frank Stiff


Cheval Capital

MSP GLOBAL 2023 daniel welling Acronis
Daniel Welling


The MSP Finance Team

Ciaran Bolger square
Ciaran Bolger

Senior Strategic Recruitment Director


10:10 am
The Chain Reaction of Data Breaches

Cybercriminals primarily target SMB companies, often exploiting straightforward vulnerabilities related to credential management and human errors, or a combination of both. This session delves into the cyberattack supply chain and provides insights on how MSPs can strengthen the security posture of their SMB clients.

#BusinessDevelopment #Marketing #CustomerAcquisition #NewTools

MSP23 Karolis Arbačiauskas NordSecurity

Karolis Arbačiauskas

Head of Product
Nord Security

2:35 pm
How to Scale Your MSP from €250k to €5m Annual Revenue

MSP business growth expert Ian Luckett will reveal the five keys to accelerating your MSP’s growth, phase by phase. This session will help you confidently accelerate your MSP’s growth and achieve the results you’ve always dreamed about without wasting time and money on the wrong things—just in time to take advantage of massive global opportunities for technology services.

#Growth #ARPU #CustomerAcquisition #Metrics

Ian Luckett

Co-Founder & Director

The MSP Growth Hub

3:30 pm
Cloud Success: From Buzzwords to Business

What started as a technical innovation more than 10 years ago has missed the chance to be a business highlight for the SMB market. SMBs don’t care about buzzwords like native, opex, first, and so forth. They demand an easy and understandable benefit—and they are right. Olaf Kaiser explains why Cloud success has to start in your MSP mindset first and delivers a clear roadmap to boost your Cloud business.

#BusinessDevelopment #Marketing #CustomerAcquisition #NewTools

Olaf Kaiser

Managed Service Coach
Olaf Kaiser Consulting

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