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Frequently Asked Questions About MSP GLOBAL
This page holds the answers to most questions you might have about MSP GLOBAL: who it’s for, how to register, how to get there, and more.

Do You think MSP GLOBAL is not For You?

If you work in the managed service provider space, MSP GLOBAL is DEFINITELY for you. In over 20 years of event management, we hear the following statements a lot. That’s why we design our events to be genuinely valuable for everyone who attends.

It’s too expensive!

Getting to meet all these leaders in the MSP and adjacent industries in one place, with no distractions—and once-in-a-lifetime networking events is worth every penny. Most events have boring hotel-lobby mixers for twice the price: instead, you’ll be on the Spanish coast with your future partners and customers. MSP GLOBAL was created by the CloudFest team: for 20 years they’ve been creating environments where deals happen.

I don’t want to listen to a bunch of boring sales pitches!

We know. That’s why the MSP GLOBAL agenda is results-focused. You’ll meet over 50 different companies, each with their own perspectives, ideas, and offerings. We created the agenda independently, and we’re bringing the top recognized experts in the MSP industry all to one place.

I don’t have time to go to another conference!

You don’t have time NOT to go. The quality of attendees is very high: mostly C-level and senior leadership. It would not be possible for any company’s team to get all these people on the phone within several months—never mind in just three days!

It’s hard to get there!

You can get to PortAventura from two different airports, both of which are served by flights from anywhere in the world. Then it’s a short journey by car, train, or bus. If you’re flying to BCN Airport, we’ll even give you a ride in our shuttle bus!


MSP GLOBAL is a two-day intensive gathering that connects managed service providers and IT professionals from around the world with the tools, insights, and personal connections to grow their businesses and deliver maximum value to their customers. Preceding it is Acronis Partner Day, which is also free for MSP GLOBAL attendees.

Managed Service Providers, Value-Added Resellers, Managed Security Service Providers, Direct Market Resellers, Systems/Software Integrators, and anyone who works in digital enablement will find great value in attending MSP GLOBAL.

The Standard Pass is like general admission at a concert or football game. This gets you to the main event spaces; main and breakout sessions; and all the big parties, concerts, and networking events.

The VIP Pass is like box seats at the World Cup final. Besides all the benefits of the Standard Pass, you’re also invited to VIP-only networking events, dinners, and sessions, as well as the VIP Lounge during each day of MSP GLOBAL. You’ll also have access to our fleet of shuttle cars to quickly get you to where you need to go, as well as concierge services at your hotel.

It’s pretty streamlined:

  • Choose the pass you want.
  • Choose your hotel (optional but highly recommended).
  • Enter your data for registration and networking purposes: please use company mail and your LinkedIn/Xing profile (if you have one).
  • Check out and wait for your confirmation email. (Be sure to check your Junk folder: we won’t take it personally.)

That’s it!

The MSP GLOBAL community is a tightly-knit B2B crowd, and the sessions and networking topics are not for a lay audience. If those outside the industry showed up, the networking would be less helpful for you in reaching your business goals. When registering, be sure to use your company email address and include your LinkedIn profile (if you use LinkedIn).

We check each new registration to be sure that you’re professionally active in the MSP space or its adjacent industries. Normally this takes us less than 48 hours.

After checking your registration, we could not confirm that you’re affiliated with a company or initiative that works in the MSP space. You are welcome to reapply when your role changes, or if you applied with your personal email by mistake.

Since we check each new registration to make sure you’re active in the MSP space, free and personal email services make this impossible to do with the number of registrations we receive.

Yes, of course! When you open the MSP GLOBAL Registration Tool, you’ll see an upgrade option. Either enter a VIP voucher code (if you have one), or upgrade your pass yourself using your credit card/PayPal. Either way, it only takes a moment.

You can find your invoices in your MSP GLOBAL account. To access your account, check the email you received just after submitting your registration.

You can add services such as hotel reservations and updates. You can also check invoices and add profile and company info, which you’ll need for all the networking that goes on at MSP GLOBAL.

No, but you can pass on your pass and hotel registration to a colleague or friend in the industry. Please check our Terms and Conditions for details.

Of course, everyone wants a MSP GLOBAL badge! Your badge will be waiting for you when you check in to your hotel, or it can be picked up at our Registration and Information Desk at the main entrance to the event complex.

MSP GLOBAL attendees are decision-makers in the managed service provider (MSP) space, as well as the industries directly adjacent, such as telecommunications, etc. None of the content is geared towards a lay audience.

Why WOULDN’T it happen at a theme park in Spain?! Great weather, an exciting location, and of course wonderful people: this is the recipe for a productive and memorable event. We chose PortAventura because it’s easy to reach and has fantastic, modern event facilities. As event producers, we believe that if you have to travel for work, at least you should be going somewhere awesome.

Yes! We will be running a shuttle bus service to connect the hotels and main event space with Barcelona Airport (BCN).

Yes! Free shuttle buses run between the event hotels and the main entrance. All aboard!

If you have a VIP pass, you have access to private shuttle service throughout the course of MSP GLOBAL. You can see the full schedule on our shuttle bus page. Be sure to carry your VIP badge with you at all times so you don’t get left by the side of the road!

Go to your MSP GLOBAL account page and click the “Forgot Password” button. But don’t reset it to “password” or “12345” or anything like that, okay?

While hotel bookings are nonrefundable, you can book additional nights through your MSP GLOBAL account. (We recommend being here for all of the parties and networking events, obviously!)

Yes, and we’ve made the process easy. Visit your MSP GLOBAL account and enter your data in the appropriate section: the letter will be generated automatically.

The email address you use to register will be the reference point for all communications from MSP GLOBAL, including your pass and hotel. This cannot be changed once you create your registration account. Oh, and definitely use your work email.

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