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Build Your Ecosystem

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Why It Pays to Build Your Ecosystem

The global market for managed services was valued at $278 billion in 2023—and will likely reach $532 billion by 2028. But how do you make sure that you become a main character in this success story? The answer: by building your own services ecosystem.

The service provider market has moved beyond just selling software licenses. Hardly anyone can afford to be a “one-stop shop” these days, since the technology and market landscapes have grown too complex. 

Today, the most successful MSPs and resellers are partnering more closely with ISVs and CSPs—offering deeply-integrated services that start at the Cloud level and move closer to the keyboard, from cybersecurity and hosting to email and office-support software. Successful relationships at this level require:

  • Mutual trust
  • Seamless integration
  • Holistic industry expertise

By creating and delivering services that are fundamentally valuable to your customers, you can then unlock more long term value per customer as well as win-win upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Unlocking Your Full Potential

Over two days of keynotes, fireside chats, expert panels, and workshops we will explore our main theme through three focus areas:

Insights, Strategy, and Thought Leadership

The insights and ideas that will transform your business approach

Hardware and Software

The tools that enable and enhance your customers’ digital presence

Cybersecurity and Network

Identifying and overcoming the threats to your customers—and getting more power from the Cloud

Who Is in Your Ecosystem?

To survive and thrive in this industry transition, you must form partnerships with the best vendors in their class—as well as with other MSPs who up until now have been your competitors! That may seem crazy at first, until you realize that each MSP has greater expertise in a given service area. The question you should be asking yourself is, “Am I wasting time and resources fighting with the companies that should be my partners?” This question cannot be answered in a vacuum: you have to connect directly with the people who drive this industry and make a plan that works for YOU.

MSP GLOBAL facilitates this process by gathering not only the leaders in the MSP/MSSP/VAR/DMR spaces, but also connecting you to the experts in MSP marketing as well as the ISV and CSP companies that will help you create your own ecosystem.

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