As the journey for managed service providers grows more complex, join us to optimize, differentiate, and profit more from your offerings.

November 14-16, 2023 at the Nürburgring race track.








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Speaking in-person

Meet Sanna Marin at MSP GLOBAL

Sanna Marin became Finland’s youngest-ever Prime Minister—and then led her country through the fastest NATO accession process in history. Join tech independence advocate, female empowerment icon, and “the coolest politician in the world” for insights into smart, precise decision-making when the stakes are high and all eyes are on you.

Highlight Speakers

MSP GLOBAL turns up the star-power wattage with these headline speakers. These legends are coming to the Nürburgring to help you think outside the box and bring fresh insights to your business plans.

Pav Gill

Whistleblower Wirecard and Founder


MSP GLOBAL Dan Mcrum 1 scaled

Dan McCrum

Investigative Reporter & Author

Financial Times

sanna square

Sanna Marin

Former Prime Minister & Head of Government of Finland


Sir Bob Geldof

Live Aid Founder, rock star, activist, actor, and entrepreneur

Patrick Pulvermueller

Patrick Pulvermueller

Advisor to CEO and the Board of Directors


Norbert Haug 1 square

Norbert Haug

Former Head of Motorsport


Expert Speakers: The Leading Industry Voices

Profit from the insights of these recognized industry leaders—and learn from them directly in focused masterclasses. MSP GLOBAL brings you actionable, immediately usable insights, and these superstars are ready to deliver!
MC 1

Michelle Coombs


The Tech Leader Network

MC profile 4

Mark Copeman


Wingman MSP Marketing

Ian Luckett 2022 Headshots Yellow

Ian Luckett

Co-Founder & Director

The MSP Growth Hub

David R Ednie square

David Ednie

President and CEO

SalesChannel International (SCI)

Olaf Kaiser

Olaf Kaiser

Managed Service Coach


Diamond+ Partner
Diamond Partners
Platinum Partners


No sales pitches here, just the tools and techniques you need to thrive. You’ll learn from world-recognized experts in managed services and IT. Roll up your sleeves for a full set of focused masterclasses that cover cybersecurity, marketing, service delivery, and other disciplines that every service provider needs to master.

You have to be at MSP GLOBAL if you’re a Managed Service Provider

The global market-managed services were valued at $250 billion in 2021—and will likely reach $355 billion by 2026.
You and your team will have to manage increased demand for services such as hosting, backup, storage, and cybersecurity from the customers you have—while meeting the monumental challenge of new customer acquisition in an ever-more-competitive environment. Both goals are achievable with the right business intelligence and strategic partnerships.

MSP GLOBAL is for the people who drive digital transformation:

This is where we shape the future of online services.

Whether you’re a global platform or an emerging service provider, take pole position in the race to greater success. As an attendee or partner, MSP GLOBAL is where you strengthen your brand, form win-win partnerships, and get in the fast lane for greater growth in a one-of-a-kind location.

Do You think MSP GLOBAL is not For You?

If you work in the managed service provider space, MSP GLOBAL is DEFINITELY for you. In over 20 years of event management, we hear the following statements a lot. That’s why we design our events to be genuinely valuable for everyone who attends.

It’s too expensive!

Getting to meet all these leaders in the MSP and adjacent industries in one place, with no distractions—and once-in-a-lifetime networking events is worth every penny. Most events have boring hotel-lobby mixers for twice the price: instead, you’ll be racing around the Nürburgring with your future partners and customers. MSP GLOBAL was created by the CloudFest team: for 20 years they’ve been creating environments where deals happen.

I don’t want to listen to a bunch of boring sales pitches!

We know. That’s why the MSP GLOBAL agenda is results-focused. You’ll meet around 50 different companies at the Nürburgring, each with their own perspectives, ideas, and offerings. We created the agenda independently, and we’re bringing the top recognized experts in the MSP industry all to one place.

I don’t have time to go to a race track in Germany!

You don’t have time NOT to go. The quality of attendees is very high: mostly C-level and senior leadership. It would not be possible for any company’s team to even get all these people on the phone within several months—never mind in three days!

It’s hard to get there!

You can reach Cologne or Frankfurt from anywhere in the world quite easily, and from there, it’s only around an hour to the track. It’s similar time-wise to getting to central London from Heathrow, or Manhattan from JFK.

Get Your Boss to Send you to MSP GLOBAL

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Form new partnerships to achieve ambitious technology and sales goals

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Connect in person with top leaders in the MSP space

Experience the networking events you’ll never find anywhere else

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Reinforce Your Role in the
Global Market 

Face-to-Face with Decision-Makers

Get the meetings that would take you months to organize by phone or email: re-establish old relationships and ignite new ones! With events and activities attended by some of the Cloud’s key influencers and purchasers, MSP GLOBAL offers your company many opportunities to make new connections and forge strategic alliances.

Market Intelligence

Thanks to our compelling presentations and workshops, as well as a trade show floor featuring the latest products and solutions, you’ll get a better understanding of the market and its overall dynamics at MSP GLOBAL.

Product/Service Showcase

Stay intimately connected to the market by seeing first-hand what new products and services are available—and better understand the revenue streams that are emerging. This is the perfect venue to debut a new product or service in front of an engaged crowd of professionals hungry for insights into your company and its offerings.

New Partner Connections

Progressive brands understand the doors open to them by working with hyper scalers in this new, converged space—and our large-scale festival is your access point to the full range of companies who are eager to explore these opportunities.

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Stay Close to the Action

Enjoy a seamless networking and business experience with all the modern comforts in this one-of-a-kind location: stay at one of our partner hotels! Whether you want a trackside suite or a relaxing cottage, you’ll find just the right spot.

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