MSP23 Carlos Grisolia Pure Storage ADN

Carlo Grisolia

Ex journalist and always a salesman, now passionate about building a dedicated MSP Business Unit at Pure Storage.
In 10 years of work with local newspapers in Italy and a radio station in Canada, whilst graduating in Journalism and completing a Master degree in Media Marketing, Carlo Grisolia always worked as a salesman. Having approached IT with Microsoft and Oracle partners in the UK, he worked at Gartner and is now a Puritan since 2018. At Pure Carlo promoted solutions with Cisco internationally first, and with Veeam in EMEA after. He is now tasked with the development of the provisioning of Pure Storage in EMEA and LaTam and believes MSPs/CSPs are the true hyperscalers of today’s global market.
Carlo is a wind fanatic since discovering kitesurfing and always has been a passionate motorcyclist.

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